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Convenience Store Delivery service to individual houses hold within 3 mile radius around local areas

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Why Choose Kodugo.com

Here are the reasons you can depend on Kodugo to keep you and your store up and running:

Quick Access
Quick Access

We accomplish this by providing suppliers with the resources they need to reach a global audience for their products, as well as assisting buyers quickly and efficiently discovering items and suppliers.

Clear Report
Clear Report

Every week, we will provide businesses a statement of outstanding accounts for the preceding week among them and Kodugo.


We're always working on new services that can help businesses do more and create new opportunities. You can obtain services at any time and from any place.

Concrete Security
Concrete Security

You may effectively set up an online store that is 100 % perfectly secured whenever you pay in your local currency and purchase with confidence.

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Choose a powerful Best eCommerce Platform for your Shop

1. Over 1,000 everyday products

Shop for snacks, drinks, fresh produce and more from the brands you know and love

2. Delivery in minutes day or night

No need to book a slot — we deliver in minutes from early morning until late at night.

3. Absolutely no substitutions

We have a real-time inventory, so what you order is what you get. Exactly how it should be.

How to Start an Online Store with Kodugo: A Step-by-Step Guide

Modern eCommerce platforms make it easy to handle the technical side of things. But building an online store which aligns with your business

  • Create your account

    Use one of our designer-made templates to create a stunning online store.

  • Customize your profile

    With our convenient drag-and-drop website tools, can easily add text, images, and other elements.

  • Sync your product

    Your online store is ready to go. Sync your goods with SEO-friendly layouts to promote products quickly.

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We're Kodugo Simple & Elegant

Sell with Ease & Powerful Kodugo features give you everything you need: | Inventory management | Payment collection | Unlimited product options

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